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12-03-2019 in: Current, Exhibition


This coming Sunday is the opening of perhaps one of the most beautiful exhibitions to date, that of Reinoud van Vught. But this time there is something very special going on. As well as Reinoud’s exhibition, we will also be exhibiting two new works by Marc Mulders in the Wonder Room and there is a smaller exhibition dedicated to Peter van der Heijden.

The reason for exhibiting Peter’s work was that we were making frames for Reinoud. Eventually we were able to frame one of the finest pieces that Peter had included in his exhibition with us. The work is a menhir made from postcards of dolmens in France that has now been laid for the third and last time.

Peter van der Heijden, Standing out beside the menhir, 2016

The postcards depict images of structures made of enormously large stones from the distant past. Structures from times when men still had the courage to build for centuries instead of for a few decades and to soothe the mind by building cradle-to-cradle; it goes without saying that I have nothing against cradle-to-cradle, but it is not yet used to build anything of dolmen quality.

Marc Mulders, WHERE THE DEVIL DON’T STAY – 26.02.19, 2019

This is also the beauty of art: it is eternal or, if it affects you, at least gives you the feeling that it will never end. There is always a good chance something will so affect you in our exhibitions, but with Reinoud van Vught, Marc Mulders and Peter van der Heijden, the chances are three times bigger. Of course, there is much more to see in the Wonder Room, but it was already there.

Read more about the exhbition of Reinoud van Vught by clicking the following link.

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