Reinoud van Vught – ‘Spheres’ – 10 maart t/m 16 juni 2019



Reliable without a necktie

I often joke that an unemployed banker is unemployed but that an unemployed artist is still an artist. You are an artist. Artists generally live a less disciplined and more exuberant life, in a field where codes do not apply. Yet it is also true that it is a profession whereby practice makes perfect and people work hard. Discipline is often necessary for artists to be able to create. With talent and dedication you will become better and better. But a banker who becomes better in his profession will be able to earn more money (it is strange but a banker’s goal it not banking but earning money, something which applies to many professions). A bad artist, or to exaggerate it a hobbyist, can become technically better but in doing so will not become an artist.

Reinoud van Vught – ‘Heaven’, acrylic and ink on paper, 56 x 76 cm

Why now all this lengthy comparison with bankers? Certainly not to insult this profession, because that is not my intention. But primarily to draw a much more positive comparison: a bank, and therefore also a banker, must be very reliable and as far as I was concerned I could easily imagine that Reinoud van Vught would be a very good banker because his personality, work and career exude reliability. I now run the risk of offending Reinoud because reliability is often seen in stark contrast to creativity and is thought of as dull, but that is exactly what makes Reinoud such a special artist. The work is recognisable, unique in use of colour and technique, reliable in development but continuously changeable; it is exciting.

We have hung the work without fuss, it did not need very much, the work hangs for itself. The lion’s share of the work was recently made, in a turbulent period for Reinoud. A period that is reflected in the upcoming exhibition.

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