Wonder room

Private dining in very special surroundings

The Wonder Room is not a house, or a museum, or a gallery, or a showroom or a shop so we decided to call it the Wonder Room. It has recently occasionally been used as a private restaurant. The professional kitchen and the long Nieuwe Boomstamtafel we have made, gave us the idea that this wondrous place, containing unique objects, is the perfect setting for dining and meeting in private company. We have put this idea into practice and you can now count yourself amongst an illustrious list of predecessors.

One of these unique designs if the State-Of-The-Art-Oude-Ramen-En-Deuren-Kast. This cabinet is part of a kitchen with copper worktop, where our chef will cook for you. The chef adjusts the menu to meet your wishes and takes into account any special requirements. Our host will then, in consultation with you, choose suitable accompanying wines. Everything is allowed and everything is possible. With focused attention, our host and chef will create a lovely, personal experience in the most special dining venue in Eindhoven, from opening the first bottle of wine to saying goodbye at the door of the Piet Hein Eek building.

For more information about our private dining or renting the Wonder Room for a different occasion, please contact our restaurant via restaurant@pietheineek.nl


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