Marc Mulders – BLACK – 23 juli t/m 15 oktober 2017


Marc Mulders, painter, glazier, photographer

Marc Mulders (Tilburg, 23 september 1958) went to the Acadamy of Art St. Joost at Breda, where he graduated in 1983. In 1985 he won the Prix de Rome “basisprijs”. Marc Mulders’ work consists mostly of oil paintings. In his work he follows the course of nature, the eternal cycle of life and death. This cycle has been central in the western art tradition and Mulders places himself delibaretely in that tradition.


The dark paintings, of which the first five were exhibited for the first time at the PAN in Amsterdam, are like a step in the darkness alongside Marc Mulders. Yet at the same time also a step in the same field of flowers from which Marc Mulders has already drawn endless inspiration.

The Moonlight Garden – 25.12.16, 2016

So it is a change that does not ignore the past, and from this perspective can be seen as a link between the steps that have already taken place and those that are still to come. The work of Marc Mulders is like a search for light and colour. But how do you catch light in the shadows and how do you experience colour in the darkness? The exhibition Black is a chance to experience Marc Mulders’ search for light and colour. Marc Mulders describes it as follows:

“The dark paintings were nothing less than a break in style from my usual pastel-etheric colour palette. Not that these paintings were coloured completely black, but for the first time since the dark canvasses of the eighties, including ‘Pieta’, ‘Bloemen-Maesta’ or ‘Bevroren Rozen’, there was once again that all-important black touch, dark spheres.

A return to dark spheres, therefore, anno 2016, but in ‘BLACK’ the black functions more as a carrier, a backdrop for the brightly coloured passages – openings in that blackness. These canvasses thus also carry a ‘stained glass’ vocabulary – the light pierces its way through the dark.”

Let the Desert Bloom – 01.06.17, 2017

A new series of lighter works are also shown alongside Marc Mulders’ dark paintings. Marc Mulders and Piet Hein Eek have also created a pair of architectural objects together: a stained glass corridor, and a leaden folding screen made of steel and staind glass and glass appliqué. .

‘BLACK’ is, after ‘WHERE THE DEVIL DON’T STAY’ in 2014, the second solo-exhibition by Marc Mulders in the Piet Hein Eek Gallery. So this exhibition will include both light and dark work in which the new is embraced without losing sight of the past.

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