Marc Mulders – Where the Devil don’t stay – 21 September 2014 until 1 February 2015


Marc Mulders has captured the summer of 2014 in his paintings. In spring, the fields surrounding his farmhouse were sown with wild flowers, grain and sunflowers. In his flower meadow drawings and photographs that tell a story of misty dusks and dawns, it is like summer has been harvested on canvas. In this heavenly landscape ‘the devil was not around’. (Although he sometimes reared his ugly head in the evening paper).
Sowing butterfly weed seeds, bee-friendly flower seeds and mixed border seeds in spring has produced a wealth of pastels, scents and the gentle sound of buzzing bees. The paintings in this exhibition are a reflection of nature’s composition. 
The exhibition also includes glass dishes inspired by the atmosphere and auras of wild flower meadows. 
The fact that Marc Mulders is exhibiting his art at the Piet Hein Eek gallery does not come as a surprise. Piet Hein Eek and Marc Mulders have been working together for some years now. Piet Hein designed a large frame for Marc Mulders’ stained glass window ‘The Moonlight Garden’ and is currently working on new support systems for his glass-painted dishes. ‘Where The Devil Don’t Stay’ is the name of a song by the band Drive-By Truckers.
Opening: September 21, 2014
The exhibition will be opened by Erik van Ginkel, business director of the Rijksmuseum. Marc Mulders’ new book Secret Garden will also be available in our shop.
Watch “Dutch Masters 2013 – Marc Mulders” an item of AVRO Kunstuur. (Dutch, no subtitles) 
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