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What used to be completely normal, now feels strange. We are going to the Salone del Mobile in Milan. The Salone is normally in April, but this year it’s in September. In terms of interior design, it is just about the first international event to take place again. Two years ago, it was the first to be cancelled.

So, for two years we have not been able to present anything in real life, but we haven’t been standing still! It was tricky and a bit weird to choose what we wanted to present because we have launched the new designs online with more enthusiasm than ever, and have done everything possible in our building to make beautiful presentations.

We normally present things that we have made in the preceding year since the last fair, with a final sprint to finish the last ideas in time to show at the Salone. This is a somewhat amateurish, or perhaps rather student-like, approach because we usually only have a digital brochure the night before the Salone begins, if at all. This way of working is perfect for us, as people expect a designer to focus more on making and not on sales and organisation. For us, it’s good for sales if we realise as many new ideas as possible. You shouldn’t boast about being well-organised, which in our case would be unjustified, although we have been seriously working on this in recent years.

During the last two corona-years, we have had our hands full with the creation of our hotel, as well as processing a growing number of orders. It was our intention to open the hotel in October 2020, but this would have been pointless at a time when we weren’t even allowed to be open. The deadline was postponed for a year and now it looks like we’re going to make it! In the process of making the hotel, we have also developed a whole new collection. We are taking the highlight of this collection, the ‘toilet paper holder’, to Milan. We will also be showing several new designs, of which the 1.2 metre sawn glass lamp is really very new.

Another new item is the even more classic watch that has been added to the collection in collaboration with LEFF Amsterdam. Although the design of the watch is modern, it was instantly labelled as a classic. But for the classical customer who uses a watch to tell the time and date (the watches are often worn by young people as jewellery), we’ve made this classic even more classic.

In a month’s time, on 1 October, the hotel will open its doors, and everyone will see that our world has changed completely. The great thing about building and creating for yourself is that the outcome has lasting value. It is a sustainable investment.   As a taster for the hotel, we are presenting a toilet roll holder in all shapes and sizes at the Salone.

Salone del Mobile / 5 – 10 September

We exhibit at Rossana Orlandi Gallery

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