4 July until 27 August 2011: Hans van Bentem and Floor van Keulen


Our first in-house duo exhibition features works by Floor van Keulen and Hans van Bentem. Although there was no intrinsic connection between the two prompting the choice for a joint presentation, it nonetheless evokes the feeling of ‘a chance meeting that resulted in an interesting conversation…’.

Floor van Keulen has created a wall mural in the gallery space especially for the exhibition. His ‘East Indian ink drawing on wall’ is the most recent ‘oversized’ work from a series of wall paintings. The finishing touches are currently being put on the book ‘Vanished wall paintings’ especially for this aspect of his oeuvre. We hope to be able to present this book during the exhibition… In addition to the mural, Floor van Keulen is also showing a recent series of black-and-white works on paper.

Hans van Bentem’s ‘chandeliers’ are now famous. These unique objects illuminate the homes of royal families, celebrities like Madonna, and various museums, such as the Escher Museum in The Hague, for which he created fifteen chandeliers in 2003. This former Philips factory is now also serving as a‘chandelier showroom’, where chandeliers from Hans van Bentem are on permanent display. This exhibition is the official start of our collaboration.

For more information about and photographs of the art works by Floor van Keulen, click the following link

For more information about and photographs of art works by Hans van Bentem, click the following link.

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