Philip van Tol – Consciously conscious – 19 March until 2 July 2017

08-03-2017 in: Current, Exhibition


When Philip tentatively contacted us for the first time and showed us his book, we were immediately sold. His work makes you a direct participant of how he perceives and also how you yourself perceive and experience things. Light, colour and shadow. And if you are used to taking notice of the things around you, as almost all of us are, you will experience what Philip captures. Or rather, what he is able to capture.

Philip’s work is more than photography, or perhaps it is less. It is through leaving all kinds of things out and reducing the images to a pure experience that his work suddenly becomes about looking, experiencing and being aware of these things. It is precisely because the images are not literal and recognisable, and due to the well considered compositions, that the rather vague images nestle themselves firmly in your consciousness.

It is ultimately not about the carefulness or meticulousness of Philip’s work, as these qualities are plentiful, but rather the directness with which his images appeal to your own imagination that makes his work so extremely expressive.

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