Thirteen rooms and fourteen blogs. Naturally, the number of blogs has nothing to do with the number of rooms but because it’s a fact that people like to try and discover connections, I thought: Pity, it should have been thirteen blogs. Luckily, a fourteenth room is under construction in the Wonder Room, so this last Hotel blog actually is synchronised with the number of rooms.

Room 0 (the fourteenth room) in the Wonder Room was the final element for us; work on the corridor, the rooms, the lobby and the ROOF BAR took priority. Yesterday evening, we welcomed our own guests who have come from all over the world. For the first time, the hotel was completely full and for the first time, we dined in the conference room (so that’s another use for that room). There were still bottles of wine from a few years ago in the wine cabinet and they’ve only become even more delicious. And I’m suffering a little from that wine, but it was such a treat to celebrate with these friends the official putting into service of the hotel.

As I wrote earlier, it’s a couple of years later than planned but the timing for the opening of the hotel is near perfect. We’re ready just days before Dutch Design Week starts and we can invite the dealers and guests from over the whole world to come and view the explosion of creativity. This year, the DDW is better than ever because instead of displaying the results of one year of creativity, we’re now displaying the results of two years of hard work.

As always, Eindhoven is buzzing with design, the main vehicle being the presentations by exam students of the Design Academy. The DDW is not an exhibition organised by businesses but comprises presentations by the students and creative city residents. Nowadays, exhibitors come to Eindhoven from every corner of the world and the DDW is growing larger and more international. However, ideas of creative young people are still its main driver! It’s actually the only real design fair in the world, although the concept of organising something around academy presentations is currently being mimicked everywhere.

There is one wall in the space where we dined yesterday evening, with a large pivot door. The wall has been given a colourful layer of foam concrete by White Noise Dada (Klaas Kuiken and Charley Reijnders). It’s an element of their presentation made especially for the DDW. Behind that door, which is now very effectively concealed, is Room 14, the studio. This ‘studio under construction’ will be opening in the coming days too. As usual, we’re still at work and have more to show than ever before. You can only understand what kind of miracle has taken place, thanks to all our people who have worked incredibly hard, if you were actually there at the time. For you, all that remains is to enjoy it all!

Dutch Design Week 2021 – 16 to 24 October

Our shop, showroom and Designer Exhibitions are OPEN: 10:00 – 20:00

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