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Quite some time ago, Toon asked if I wouldn’t like to do something in his exhibition, or rather, exhibit together. I immediately thought, super fun, but it takes time and I need a good idea for it. I let it depend on the latter. Toon called a few times and each time I had no idea! At one point, I found myself becoming indecent and thought, just do it; we’ll do it without an idea!

Exactly at that moment an outline drew itself; arranging my own rubbish and putting it in the exhibition as if you were arranging structure with paint on a canvas. Rubbish enough, we still have plenty of jerry cans that we used to make a chandelier last year, huge beams that are too coarse for our beam furniture and a few days later the environment department provided a low point in my career that made me come up with furniture made from our own wood chips. Monumental work it will be. As I write this, the first wood chip furniture has yet to be made. And the museum volunteers were there this morning instead of this afternoon. They turned out to be real volunteers; instead of drinking coffee (you can’t do that too much and for too long anyway), they helped put the beams together with metal tape, loaded things up and I think they have now painstakingly unloaded the objects again. On Thursday, we will bring a chip object and do some more touch-ups. (Agnes, the intern working on the project, found that the bands were not nailed onto the beams to her standard in the rush and wants to adjust it). Perhaps it will be very beautiful! Toon’s work certainly is and so is the museum!

The exhibition Mijn Begin Van Alles by Toon Laurense in collaboration with Jeroen van Veen and Piet Hein Eek can be admired at Kunstcentrum ODA Park in Venray from 24 March to 2 June. The opening starts on Sunday 24 March at 3 pm.

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