Chunky upholstered beam bench – US Army fabrics

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CHUNKY UPHOLSTERED BEAM BENCH As this book approaches its completion, we are furnishing the entire interior for a restaurant in Frankfurt called Oosten. A wide variety and quantity of products are being designed and produced at a punishing pace: battery-run table lamps, cheeseboards (like in our own restaurant), three stationary bars, menu signs, a disk jockey bar, lamps and, of course, an entire furniture series. The chunky upholstered beam bench, which was inspired by the chunky beam bench, may be the most eye-catching object in the entire interior. The sofa was designed to be the centre of a chaotic, nonchalant corner, where people can spend time doing all kinds of things.

art. nr.4311
dimensions300 x 90 x 74 cm
materials wooden beams, upholstery




Chunky upholstered Beam Armchair


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