Beachpavilion Noord

Location Bergen aan zee
Type new build
Function hospitality
Phase completed (April 2018)
Client private
Download project information (pdf)


The new design for Strandpaviljoen Noord has been created around a panoramic view over the sea. The main volume of the pavilion is located over the full width of the poles and is limited in depth. The bar is placed centrally within the space, facing the sea.

In the summer situation, the pavilion can be almost completely opened up, which creates openness, with a minimal border between inside and outside space. Even though the façade will be closed during winter, the pavilion remains very light and transparent, exactly why Noord has been famous for years.

The restaurant section consists of a secondary volume with a slightly sloping roof. The roof slopes towards the sea, so that the space opens up in this direction. In combination with the large windows, this creates an uninterrupted view of the beach and the ocean.

The bar and the kitchen are situated at the heart of the building and are completely open. The guests are always and everywhere in contact with the chef, and vice versa. This welcoming approach is the express wish of the customer and fits seamlessly with the transparent pavilion.

The materials used for the new pavilion are warm, fresh and light. The closed parts of the building are made from white sheet material. The wooden boards of the terraces and floors are stained black and the wooden window frames are painted white.

The enormous transparent surfaces bring in lots of light to the interior and the steel construction is strikingly visible.

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