Bakery shop Kralingen


year 2015
location Rotterdam
type hospitality
client Bakkerswinkel
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BAKERY SHOP KRALINGEN I have done the calculations; the Bakkerswinkel that we created last month was the tenth one. Created is a big word, a better description would be that we put a process into operation. In 1997 we received the first commission to make furniture for Piet Hekker’s Bakkerswinkel in Zoetermeer, the only Bakkerswinkel at that time. Over the long time span that we have worked together, we have at times said that it would probably be worthwhile for Piet to try working with another interior designer. And he has indeed tried this, but luckily it became apparent that it is quite exceptional to have something that always goes well as a matter of course. 

The Bakkerswinkels have inspired many others to develop similar concepts over the last decades; clones have sprung up from the ground like mushrooms after the rain. Fortunately every Bakkerswinkel is different: the location, the building, the people who work there and the time of opening all dictate a new and different shop every time. The perception, the way of thinking, the mindset, the taste and the characters of those involved all ensure that a kind of red line materializes. We wanted to create a shop that was even better and more beautiful than those before; a party to visit and enjoy. This Bakkerswinkel does not feel like a lunch room any more, it feels like a restaurant instead. 
We have developed everything specially for this new design – sofas, self-folding lamps, fencing, a copper bar, and a two-coloured cupboard with interlocking shelves – all super simple in order to stay within budget but possibly much nicer because of this (expensive definitely does not always equate to beautiful). Piet gave me the best compliment that I have received in ages: he considers the Tree Trunk Table specially made from a single piece of bark to be my most beautiful table ever. 
Working together to do the best thing possible and making it the most beautiful gives an indefinable feeling of happiness. And the best thing is that you can feel and share that happiness in the Bakkerswinkel.  

NLD, Niederlande, Rotterdam, Cafe und Restaurant Bakkerswinkel neu, Inneneinrichtung von Piet Hein Eek 2015 | NLD, The Netherlands, Rotterdam, cafe and restaurant new Bakkerswinkel, interior furnitures and installations by Piet Hein Eek 2015


photo credits: Thomas Mayer

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