One of those nights you wish you had been there afterwards


Sometimes I wake up at night and think, what the hell am I doing? I often think that and this week I thought it again. Filling the longest table with 180 people for two nights during DDW has become an almost impossible task on such short notice. The first thing I do in the morning is inquire whether we wouldn’t be better off doing one “very exclusive evening” for slightly more guests. In this regard, basically everyone agrees right away. I asked Martijn Roos to take care of live music. After all, apart from the food, music is our trump card this time. Martijn is crazy about music (he has been all his life). He has been organizing live music at Club Dauphine (Amsterdam) every Friday for 15 years, so he knows what such an evening needs. The conversations and chaotic chat via text were fun, but I will save you from them still.

The bottom line is that we will be bringing three amazing artists and a full band to our workshop. The fantastic young talents Thomas Heikoop and Jaïnda are coming to sing and play (trumpet), but the big star is DO! I ask a little around me what people think about it and everyone is positive. Still, I feel unease; does it suit us? I call Martijn again: does it fit, will this work, will people come? Isn’t it too short notice? His response: “DO is great. She will create a true spectacle and the other musicians are great too. And the guests dine in your studio! How fun is that? It will be a fantastic evening! Yes, people are going to come.” We agree that I will call DO to coordinate the evening further.

I tell her about last time, a few years ago, same concept, different team. Then Sergio Herman was part of the event. It was such a success that by the end of the evening people were dancing across the table! It was a wonderful conversation about creativity, mutual understanding, a table that has been all over the world and is now back in the lion’s den, about jamming and that everyone knows who’s coming to perform, but no one knows what’s coming and we know it’s going to be too crazy! Very much in line with the way I (don’t) organise things myself! People, this is going to be awesome!

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