November 15th 2010 – The shop opens


We have a shop and a shop needs merchandise. It’s actually quite difficult to put together a shop collection, especially if you prefer to fill it with things you are personally enthusiastic about. But the result isn’t bad. You just need to do things differently than normal. To start, we decided that anything was possible and nothing was set in stone. And we asked for a little help from others.

Photography: Thomas Mayer

Duikelman selected the cooking gadgets for us. The idea behind their selection is that, if you buy one of everything, you’ll have the ideal kitchen. This has resulted in a fantastic mix of non-matching products, each of which is the best of its kind and genuine kitchen jewels, each and every one of them. In fact, this approach is pretty much how the entire shop was put together. We bought countless unique items from the Korst van der Hoeff auctioneering firm. This included children’s books and design books from Motta, a number of design items and lots of things that you would expect in a handbook for professionals, not in a ‘normal’ shop.

That fondness for professional items is a sort of fetishism resulting from having to purchase for the company for so many years. But we also included bicycles from Tokio Bikes that we are importing, as well as buckets and appliances. In a nutshell, it’s a collection of extremely well-contemplated merchandise with a story behind them, but ultimately as subjective as any other shop. Lucky for us we were told by many of the first visitors that the selection of products is in perfect keeping with our company. It’s all so unpredictably predictable.

Opening hours shop:

Monday untill Saturday

10:00 – 18:00

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