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For years we have worked together with Michael Smit, the owner of Sissy-Boy. In the past we made an enormous steel cabinet with old windows for his shop, as well as the design for the renovation of his home. Our contact has always been more friendly than business-like. We have recently started walking together through the buildings to assess the possibilities before renting them.

The first building was in Leeuwarden. We created a very open and accessible shop there, mainly by removing a great deal. The building is now visible right up to the rafters. The new shop opened in Eindhoven in November. We did not renovate this, but created a back wall with great functionality. We did not furnish the shop, but thought about the possibilities of the premises and added elements to it. Sissy-Boy organises the construction and construction supervision itself. This way of working together is new to us, but it is inspiring and is bearing fruit.


We presented several new products in Milan in early November. The presentation was together with others, including Maarten Baas and Tom Dixon. It was once again a fantastic experience. After the presentation was a great party that was really busy, full of enthusiastic people. The whole building is an organic composition of spaces, facing both the street and the inner courtyard, so that you walk from one ambience into the other. There is fashion, design, art, industry, literature and curiosa, collected and presented by Rossana Orlandi and her team. An extremely modern concept whereby things that are traditionally different, come together.


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We also had a huge struggle with a summerhouse. Surely it would be possible to stay within budget with this concept? But nothing could be further from the truth, as we have spent far too much time on this little house. But the result is extremely satisfying and everyone had a lot of fun making it. Yet it is time that we, with all our experience, devise a construction system that yields optimal production.


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