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Exempla 2014

By the time you read this, I am probably on a plane to Munich, where we will be presenting our work at Exempla, which is one of the shows of the largest handcrafting trade fair in Germany and perhaps even the largest in the world. We don’t know yet whether that is a lot of fun or even fantastic, but we decided to just accept the invitation and go. And we are going for a reason, because we will be presenting a range of new products there, which all have a strong link with attention and modern craftsmanship. In fact, we could have brought any product along with us, since we have never produced anything that did not contain an element that we considered to be the ultimate solution for bridging the gap between high Western production costs and affordable products using our knowledge of material, techniques and craftsmanship. How do you create something under what seem difficult circumstances at first and that is nevertheless worth buying? I think that has everything to do with modern craftsmanship. Craftsmanship does not mean making products in a traditional way, but is all about having the knowledge and skills to deal with and anticipate today’s problems. Download PDF

Learning from what we have done and getting better and faster at finding solutions is something we do every day and is a great deal of fun. As we speak, we are working on a spectacular stacking of window cabinets for the presentation at Rossana Orlandi’s during the Saloni in Milan. The cabinets are a follow-up to the windows and doors project that we presented at the Stedelijk Museum in 1996.  

Window cabinets for Milaan


Once again, an artist is the reason for this ultimate feast of creation. The objects from Gerd Rohling’s “Wasser und Wein” project are always sold in display cabinets, and now we can produce these cabinets. The steel case that is currently in production is in fact the result of years of hatching a steel equivalent to the Oak Display Cabinet. The exhibition of Gerd Rohling opens on 23 March at 2.30 p.m. You are more than welcome to come and take a look for yourself. 

Exhibition Gerd Rohling

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