How it is made – Birch tree trunk twinset cabinet



While such unique creations command high prices, people can identify with the labour commitment involved and consequently buy into this devoted production process. For the designer, the development of his ‘free work’ is never hampered by cost or sales possibilities. Instead, it is liberated by an open and experimental approach to working, which also helps to motivate Piet Hein Eek’s team by breaking with usual production routine.

The Waste Material Project is a statement on the world’s wasteful attitude towards production. Normally, the high cost of labour pressures factories to find the quickest and most time-efficient production methods, even if this means wasting numerous materials in the process. No value is placed on the raw materials nature has taken time to grow, such as wood, and leftovers from production are therefore usually discarded. This project reverses that psychology by placing seemingly worthless leftover materials at the core and labour time second.

After this several versions of the tree trunk cabinet have been designed and made, among which is this birch tree trunk twinset dresser (see BOOK 1, pp. 158-159).

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