Cooking, like we make furniture


I’ve always thought that it must be great for a chef to work here. Not because of our gastronomic reputation, although our former chef Martien cooked wonderful food over the past years, but because, in my opinion, there is a distinct likeness between producing furniture and cooking. Respect for and knowledge of materials, techniques and hard work are crucial if you want to have fun and keep your head above water.

My designs are adjusted to fit our possibilities and the objects we produce in our own factory are sent all over the world. Luckily, we also still make a lot of items for local customers. I have been known to say that we are participants in the Furniture Makers Champions League, with our own game rules and in our own way, and it really is a bit like that.

A kitchen offers the same possibilities and limitations; ingredients are the foundations, labour is actually too expensive and you must have a sound knowledge of techniques and equipment. A different approach in the kitchen can lead to a new kind of competition, just like in our workshop. It’s over ten years ago that we purchased our building and opened the restaurant. We have recently also opened the Lobby Restaurant and Dakbar in the hotel. This now gives us the opportunity to renovate the restaurant, which will reopen after the summer. In the meantime, we have upgraded the chip shop and turned it into a bistro. In short; there’s a whole lot for a chef to experience!

You’ll be working in an inspiring environment, with all kinds of opportunities and possibilities. You’ll have complete freedom to develop your own way of cooking, just like we build our furniture, and you will help expand the team further, because we’ll need more chefs to realise our plans. As I write this, I realise that I still think a chef can find his or her holy grail with us. Are you pragmatic, with a passion for ingredients and simplicity and do you understand cooking techniques? Then you’re in the right place!

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