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Surely this DDW we are showing more new products than I thought!

Yet again, thanks to phenomenal teamwork, it is almost too much to list. And many of the objects will, as always, not be ready until the day before DDW. Already (or actually only) the outlines of the first latecomers are starting to become visible! The first of a series of 3 Standing Sawn Glass Objects is almost finished. spectacularly luxurious they will be! The brass rings with openings for the glass and tabs to connect them together are like jewellery forming a sculpture. Last week, I had the parts in my hand and saw the base; an unlikely puzzle that I pretty much sketched out. Harm deciphered the sketch and meticulously drew it together and Vincent, our lamp man, then put the lamps together like it was no rocket science!

In the wood workshop, they are making a 40×40 wardrobe and coat rack. It has a steel frame and almost every scrap wood tile needs a reworking to fit against the next one. The essence of the 40×40 project, angelic patience and putting as much thought into it as possible, is being pushed further and further. The furnishings are very playful and colourful, as if all that seemingly unnecessary and inefficient time makes for merriment, which maybe it does!

Three people are working on the pile of window and drawer cabinets. We are going to present a structure or pile of window cabinets, making the cabinets part of the building and making the whole more of an installation than a piece of furniture.

We have 2 super nice interns from the north. They have been given a trio of assignments so they don’t get stuck. That is by no means the case, as everything is being taken up energetically and the One-Mall Lamp-inspired Stackable Ceramic Two-Sided Candleholder will be on display and for sale at DDW. Not only did the men rave about and become proficient in plaster, clay, moulds and looseness, they added their skill with 3d printing at the same time. So for us, it was inspiring and educational too!

We are also making old stuff. The chair corner is bursting at the seams because they need to finish 150 Oak Chairs in Scrapwood for the Longest Table Dinner we are organising at the workshop on Friday 27 October. The effort we put in for this is actually madness. Besides the chairs, we are making 220 Small Ceramic Lamps that also need to be hung. Much more will be made especially for that one evening. An evening where fantastic food is combined with great music and, of course, our products, in the workshop where, for the occasion, the machines are pushed aside to make way for the longest table that can seat more than 200 people!

To enter our own street, from now on you will pass a new gate made of old pipes on both sides. For enthusiasts, even if they are not immediate objects to buy and take home, they are worth a closer look! They are the same tubes we demolished from the building 13 years ago when we were building and made the Tube Bar out of then. I think the gates weigh a few tonnes, but open and close extremely smoothly. Hinges and fence are one!

Thankfully, the Stablewood Cabinet we showed back in Milan in April is back. It is a cupboard that Joost, our master carpenter, took a long time to look at and then made the trickiest parts so that the details became clear. Actually, it’s not that complicated, but the solutions are very three-dimensional, so it actually gets a bit beyond your imagination and when it’s there, it seems so logical that you don’t even notice it!

And then I would almost forget that we finished the Ceramic 40×40 Tile Kitchen not even that long ago this year. We worked on that for almost a year longer than expected. The plan was to finish the kitchen as a work-in-progress project during DDW last year, but so it took almost a year longer! So the planning was hopeless, but that work in progress has been very successful! The kitchen is finished and spectacular!

In addition to that, there are countless other new objects and changes to the building on display, and we are again hosting a large number of exhibitors! Too many to mention!

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