Marc Mulders / Group exhibition – ‘GENEROUS’ – 23 August to 4 October 2020




Many doors were suddenly forced to close, even if an event was still in full swing. Almost everyone disappeared behind his or her door. Life came to a standstill. Slowly but surely the fear is disappearing, and freedom is emerging. Luckily, I had already been in touch with Marc Mulders, we felt we should celebrate freedom and thereby show and do what we believe in!

We each have our own world but also share a great deal. And we thought of something that is usually not very sensible: to organise an exhibition as quickly as possible. Right in the middle of the summer, to celebrate and to show all the things that have happened behind closed doors in the past months.

As ever, Marc wanted to share; the place, the attention, possibilities with other artists and the beauty for and with everyone. So everyone is welcome! The (art)fairs remain closed for the time being, but we are open.

Six artists

Marc has invited six artists to exhibit with him. He has been following three of these artists for a while already, and the other three have just graduated. Marc has supported these artists at Kunstpodium T in Tilburg and now works together with them in an exhibition mentor project. This exhibition will be their first podium after the academy.

The exhibition opens on Sunday 23 Augustus at 15:00. You are more than welcome to attend. Of course, we will adhere to the current measures and perhaps more importantly, how you want to deal with them. After the opening, you can visit the exhibition every day until Sunday 4 October.

Photograph: Marc Mulders – from left to the right Jet Pronk, Christina de Korte, Pleun Moons en Marc Mulders (Apprentice master’s project)

Participating artists:

Marc Mulders

Pleun Moons

Jet Pronk

Christina de Korte


Erik-Jan van der Schuur

Jenetta de Konink

Maeve van Klaveren

Click here for the art works in our collection.

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