Making your work in your own work

15-08-2019 in: Current, Exhibition


New artist’s studio Marc Mulders

The last pieces Marc Mulders and I made together were beautiful oil-paint-on-paper works in frames we had made ourselves. My contribution to collaborations with artists is often a supporting role. This isn’t so strange when you let a designer work together with an artist. For the exhibition ‘BLACK’ in 2017 we made a kind of room screen from old pipes with Marc’s glass appliqué incorporated into it. You could say that this piece was ‘combined’ and that both our efforts and those of Marc were equally defining in achieving the final result.

The studio we have now made for Marc is of a very different order. Not only is it a studio, the space where Marc creates his work, but as it is mobile and placed in the middle of the flower meadows that Marc has been painting all these years, you could say that from now on whenever Marc paints in the studio, he is making work in his own work. The studio is not only mobile but can be manually rotated on its base so that the view and light can be chosen as desired.

Photography: Marc Mulders

Currently we have art works by Marc Mulders available. For mor information, please click the following link.

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