Francesco Pancetta – Unconscious life painting – 12 November 2017 until 18 February 2018

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Since his childhood Francesco Pancetta (official name: Mario D’Ambrosio, Avellino (Italy), 1980) has been fascinated by art. Together with his father, who always spurred and encouraged his artistic curiousity, he visited numerous Renaissance places in his country of birth. Gradually he became fascinated by magic and unreachable beauty of the artworks displayed in these palaces.

Despite the Pancetta has never been trained as an artist, he became involved in numerous artistic disciplines in which he tried to find his own way to express himself as an artist. Pancetta has a multidisciplinary approach and he has experimented with video, theatre, poetry, collage and painting. His insatiable curiousity urges him continuously to find new ways to express himself. 

Pancetta is self-taught. His art school were his ‘rebel years’ when was living in Bologna in the early 2000s and where he was part of the local artistic vanguard movement. From his years in Bologna onwards, Pancetta started regarding art as a tool to change consciousness and the way we look at the world, most evident in his art brut collages.


Later on he also started experimenting to depict not only the world as we see it, but also started to discover the realm of unconsciousness. The endless flow of energy, movements and emotions that go almost unnoticed, beyond the perceptible, are unleashed in his amorph tempera paintings and pen drawings.

The work of Pancetta is like a personal quest on unbound roads. As the beholder you witness an artist who searches how he relates to this world, finding his way but in the meantime always keeps on searching. When looking at his artworks it seems to become clear what he is looking, but to put this in words is almost impossible.

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