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Ari Rossner, a Paris-based award winning photographer who revels in exploring the diverse facets of humanity wherever they may unfold. From his Parisian studio, where he illuminates idealized models, to the depths of India, where he is currently crafting a book on Indian society, Rossner is a storyteller who seeks out authentic, typical, atypical, expressive, and playful images.


In 2001, Rossner discovered his passion for contemporary dance during a performance by choreographer Pina Bausch. Since then, he has immersed himself in the world of dance, capturing numerous performances by Pina Bausch and also those of the Israeli troupe Batsheva under the choreography of Ohad Naharin. The images selected for this exhibition offer a glimpse into the Pina Bausch shows in Paris and rehearsals of the Batsheva troupe in Tel-Aviv and Paris at Chaillot, reflecting the raw beauty and emotion of dance

Street Photography

For Ari Rossner, “the entire world is a source of inspiration.” He captures characters, moments, and freezes what is typical, expressive, and amusing. His candid street photographs, taken randomly during his journeys, stand in stark contrast to the idealized and meticulously staged images he crafts in his studios. Always armed with his camera, whether on a global expedition or a simple stroll through the streets of Paris, Ari is prepared to seize whatever crosses his path, capturing what captivates and excites his gaze.

Ari Rossner’s exhibition will be on display in our gallery from 9 March until the end of May.

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