3 March until 15 June 2013: Traveling with Bert Teunissen


Photo Exhibition

3 March until 15 June 2013
Opening Sunday 3 March 14:30 h.
Open Monday – Saturday 10:00-18:00

Free entrance

Traveling with Bert Teunissen
New old masters

The first time I visited an exhibition of Bert Teunissen’s work in Huis Marseille (Photography Museum in Amsterdam), I read a note, typed by him, in which he described how he remembered his life in his childhood home. How he’d never forgotten the daylight that entered the kitchen there, and in the evening the salon, and how it had inspired him to go traveling through Europe and Japan, photographing people in their daylight, in their houses. The result is a huge award-winning photo collection which has been partially exhibited, as ‘Domestic Landscapes’. As well as the portraits, which almost look like old masters thanks to the effect of the light and the settings, a fascinating selection of related works and objects gathered during the travels is being shown.

The exhibition shows not only this actual journey, but also the journey Bert’s career has taken by way of his commercial work for, among others, G-Star (clothing) and BEN (telecom). As interesting and dynamic as the world of advertising and communication is, it proved ultimately to be insufficiently satisfying for him. It did however enable him financially to follow his heart’s desire, and work autonomously. That may seem like a simple step to take, do what makes you happy, but for a long time, it was more or less not done to mix the two conflicting divas, art and commerce. A completely ridiculous idea, as far as I’m concerned, and one which, as things look now, no longer holds water, partly due to the current crisis during which all apparent truths are up for discussion.

The exhibition ‘Op reis met Bert Teunissen’ (Traveling with Bert Teunissen) runs through to the present at our premises in Eindhoven and will hopefully stimulate new ideas and commissions.

Click the following link for an selection of photographs by Bert Teunissen.  
Read the newsletter by Piet Hein Eek about the exhibition by clicking the following link. 

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