Peter van der Heijden – Q.E.D. – 3 July 2016 to 2 October 2016

13-10-2016 in: Exhibition


Peter van der Heijden (1950) makes collages, mixed media, installations, projections and artworks for public spaces. He is known for his experimental and multidisciplinary approach. Most of his work originates from a tenacious fascination in nature and natural processes, geology and history.
His interest lies primarily in the geological and evolutionary forces that slowly sculpt the earth, the landscape and its inhabitants. This fascination can clearly be seen in many of his collections. 
As well as collections of objects such as stones, fossils, books and pictures, he has also amassed an enormous collection of scans of self-cultivated microorganisms, algae, fungi and crystals. 
For him, components of both collections are the genetic material of the creation process. The exhibition consists of around 130 pieces; recent collages and pictures, objects and installations, alongside a selection of key pieces from his oeuvre from 1974 to present day.
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