20 October 2012 till 20 January 2013 Roberto Polo’s Choice


In 2011, Frances Lincoln Limited, London, published Roberto Polo: The Eye, an award-winning art book, which features over three-hundred masterpieces from the collections which he has formed during the past forty years. On seeing the works on display, many will realise that we have lost sight of a very relevant period.

One of the masterpieces is Gustave Serrurier-Bovy’s extraordinary Silex armchair, the first self-assembly and Constructivist furniture in art history with all the screws and washers exposed and painted. Originally conceived for the working class but rejected by it, because they desired furniture which emulated that of the rich. Serrurier-Bovy was the first designer to break from historical styles and discover Modernism in the symbiotic, or inseparable, relationship between form and function.

The exhibition includes masterpieces by Riemerschmid, Borsani, Breuer, Dulong, Hankar, Hoetger, Hoffman, Hoste, Itten, Mackintosh, Mollino, Moser, Pugin, Rietveld, Serrurier-Bovy, Slutzki, Van de Velde, Van der Meeren, Eemans, and Kesting.

You are more than welcome to enjoy the official opening of ‘Roberto Polo’s Choise’ at the 4th of November, 14:30h Gallery first floor

You will find more information about Roberto Polo by clicking the following link

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