HOTEL BLOG 7. Party. Immersed in our and your own world!

11-02-2021 in: Blogmessages


A small hotel, which circumstances dictate will open its doors at an as yet undefined moment, has its pros and cons. One advantage of not knowing when you will be able to open is that there is no point in setting a date. So there is no deadline stress. Another advantage is that the diary is still empty, despite having sent out a load of ‘night-sleep-gift-planks’. This makes it possible for you to rent the whole hotel for a birthday, a wedding or other party, or to invite all your business contacts.

That’s where our little hotel comes in. The hallway may well compete with those in large hotels, but there is only one of them and we only have thirteen rooms and 26 beds: exactly enough for a good party! The meeting room officially has space to seat 24 at the table but a few more or less doesn’t matter. The lobby / breakfast room is, unsurprisingly, also big enough. The restaurant team, that will manage the hotel with extra reinforcement, has the necessary experience in organising parties, events and meetings whereby you as guest can welcome your own guests in your own way as if you are in your own surroundings. Food, sleep, meetings, celebrations, music, dancing, waking up, breakfast… it’s the perfect place to be immersed in our and your own world!

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