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We have a plan for until we can open the hotel. We’re not sure exactly when that will be. Ideally, we’d like to open our doors and welcome guests on the very first day of the Dutch summer holidays. Because we think that this summer break, as long as nothing corona-related goes wrong, will be the most exuberant, cheerful, optimistic and wonderful holiday period ever. Everyone has been stuck inside, the ingrained fear or pent-up irritation has been shaken off and those with a job have ‘just’ been paid in full; we don’t do solidarity. There’s something to be said for passing on salaries from people sitting at home who cannot spend their money, to those who find themselves in real financial trouble, because the first thing you should want to do as policy maker is to retain buying power as we find ourselves in a crisis and lots of people are panicking

It was and is not (yet) a financial crisis, especially because of the generous support measures. Who knows, perhaps the corona crisis will go down in history as marking the first ever major global government incentive measures. And because there was so little to do, people have been able to save more than ever. Interiors became more important as everyone was shut up in their own home and wanted to make it as nice as possible. So, in the context of ‘every cloud has a silver lining’, we have two; we do a lot of interior and architectural projects, make and sell interior products and sell art, design and antiques, have a restaurant also soon a hotel and everything that goes with it. It is a complete world, perhaps the ideal environment for taking advantage of all the money that is sloshing around thanks to the generous policies.

This had not occurred to me a year ago and to be honest, we have just about managed to keep our heads above water in all kinds of ways (I am currently writing a book about it). Now I’m almost certain that we’ll make it, and that the hotel will open its doors shortly after we have tasted freedom again. There’s quite a lot that goes into making a hotel, much more than I realised beforehand, and with all the changes we made during construction, I’m glad in hindsight that I didn’t spend too much time planning and setting fixed deadlines.

Recently we installed an illuminated sign, which was a reason for the neighbourhood and some of our employees to think that it was ready to happen. Head chef Martien has served up a sample breakfast. It was fantastic and really useful. The breakfast in our hotel will be a buffet but you can also order à la carte (these dishes are included in the buffet). It was delicious, and is a good reason for everyone to enjoy breakfast here, even if you’re not staying in the hotel. Marcis has already largely finished the hotel website and we have a booking system in place. But we can’t fill it yet because the hotel itself is not finished! And we’re not exactly sure when it will be.

The plan

Our plan is to open on the first day of the Dutch school holidays, on 10 July, but we do know for sure that we will really be open in, let’s say, October. So, we’ve set the date that you can book on 1 October. This pessimistic approach goes completely against my better nature but is actually great! The website shows what everything looks like now and will be constantly updated with our progress (we’ll keep you posted) until the big day, somewhere between 10 July and 1 October, when everything will be finished, and we can finally open the doors.

Hotel breakfast

Lobby roof terrace

Photohraph: Thomas Mayer


Signing hotel entrance


Photographs: Thomas Mayer

Hotel rooms

Wonder room

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