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21-10-2016 in: Blogmessages


In recent years we received more and more criticism about our website. This is not really surprising, as it was almost prehistoric. It is a miracle that the website even still worked. Luckily, we always had some ‘die hard fans’ who actually appreciated the encyclopaedic character of our website. At least, you could logically find the information you wanted.

For a long time I held on to this sporadic positive feedback, also due to a lack of response from critics  – to show me an example of a good website. At best I was shown examples of beautiful websites with images that you could swipe and ‘sweep’. But with our approach of doing everything ourselves, we have large quantities and mostly under one roof a huge quantity of information that we want to present clearly.

Years ago I thought that the website should feel like you are working in your own pc environment. A kind of desktop, in which you can easily find your way and choose where icons are placed for topics that deserve special attention. I discussed this idea with Jan. Just at the right time, someone said that the telephone is a far more important search engine. This was reason enough to take the telephone as starting point.

Icons, just like on every telephone, that form a kind of block menu so that you can click to where you want to be. If it fits on a phone, a pc is no problem at all! Writing the software was almost impossible, according to the builders. At one point they even threatened to throw the towel in the ring.

But after some persuasion, mainly because they had actually almost succeeded, they found the courage to carry on. I can quite well imagine that when you started reading this piece, you thought “finally, a new and more modern site”. Those who think that modern is the same as current practice, will be disappointed, because the site is perhaps even more sober than the old one.

Through increasing possibilities we are able to make everything simpler and that is exactly what we needed. The photos are larger and of much better quality, which is really the most important thing. Anyway, the next message we send will come from our new Neanderthal.

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