HOTEL BLOG 11. The Night Watch



I originally thought it could be a hotel without night occupancy, but that didn’t fit in with the way we want to welcome our guests. So we had to create a little room, in the Wonder Room close to the reception, for the person who keeps watch at night: ‘the night watch’.

When I saw the graduation presentation of several Design Academy students in De Kazerne with Stefanie several months ago, we both immediately loved the work of Teun Zwets. After a visit to his studio, where I discovered that he, just like me, made objects from waste products, we came up with the idea that he could make the Night Watch using waste materials from our workshop. You might think: then Teun is a lot like Piet, but that’s not the case.

Teun makes something from rubbish, whereas I think how I can make something from material. Teun tacks, saws, nails, screws, disassembles, tears, mixes, paints and creates, all within a limited timeframe. At home he referred to his graduation presentation as ‘Teun World’ and we now have a little bit of his world here. The Night Watch is a permanent part of the Wonder Room and Teun is going to use our waste to make several objects that will be exhibited here.

Photographs: Thomas Mayer (grey room); Nick Bookelaar (portrait Teun and spray painting)

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