Friendship. Two nameless works



Friendship is what comes to mind when I think of Marc Mulders. Marc lives and works in our neighbourhood, in the middle of nature, between the woods and flower meadows. He is often at our place and we talk, eat and work together. If things would ever become too much for me, which luckily is not the case, just one conversation with Marc would restore my lust for life immediately. He is perhaps our biggest ambassador and my mental coach. A coach I don’t need, but perhaps that is exactly why he is there. You can’t miss what you already have.

In fact, we have worked together more intensively than ever during the past month. We have worked together on an exhibition that opens tomorrow. And we have made two monumental works. A construction that started as a chapel for one person, but was too religious in nature as it was intended for everyone, so was then simplified to become a corridor with stained-glass at both ends, where the light shines in during the day but in the evening acts as a lantern because the light shines outwards through a lamp that we have hung in the middle.

We have also made an extremely heavy glass-appliqué-in-round-tubes-folding-screen whereby we have built upon previous collaborations and come closer to ourselves and to each other. So it is possible, to come closer to yourself and to another simultaneously.

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