Vergaderhuisje – Raad voor Cultuur

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We created this meeting house as a project for the competition of becoming the candidate for the competition for the title of Eindhoven Cultural Capital 2018. Initially, with these houses, we wanted to create a cultural village at the “Spoorzone” in Breda, a development site. Unfortunately for us, Leeuwarden became the winner, and Breda decided that our idea was not what they were looking for. In the end, we were left with this little house. We installed it on the platform on our site where the Philips trains stopped and departed a long time ago and rented it out for meetings, with great results: the place is occupied more and more often. The relation between costs and benefits is proving to be very profitable. For more information for renting the house you can look on our website.


foto: Nob Ruijgrok

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