The fairy tales are back



We worked together with all kinds of parties when we opened our premises in 2010. In the following years, most of these collaborations really suffered due to the pressures of the economic realities. Of course, there are always lots of reasons why something does or does not work, but the friendships have survived and simply accepting that something does not work can be hard to take. Times change and who knows, maybe the same thing will work at a different time, but doing the same thing later just does not feel right. Learning from your mistakes is ultimately often just as meaningful or meaningless as persisting with the same mistakes due to a lack of methodology. You can spend your whole life getting it wrong or getting it right without even realising that your success or failure is determined entirely by chance.

Friendship and pleasure are no coincidence, especially not when you have experienced adventures together. Friendship is the foundation for a new edition of ‘Sprookjes at Eek’. Leo and Susan Coolen are owners of the business Sprookjes NV and have the largest conceivable collection fairy tale products. I should also say that Leo actually curates and therefore determines himself whether something is a fairy tale (‘sprookje’) or not. He labels many things as ‘fairy tale’ and has been collecting his whole life. We are now displaying a small selection, which is still quite substantial.

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