Second-hand Eek!

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It’s already been a few years since we started selling our own products second-hand. We focus mainly on custom work and special projects and objects. The whole idea hasn’t been hugely successful yet but accepting that a product can become ‘completely consumed’ and eventually lose its value over the years just doesn’t fit in with our way of thinking and working. It is, however, encouraging to know that there is sometimes much more bid at auctions than we charge or have charged for a product. The fact that we have beautiful second-hand Eeks and that so little interest has been shown in them and that one of our very first custom pieces was returned to us, led us to write this message.

New arrival: old doors pantry customized for a client in 1997, 67 x 178 x 234 cm, old paneled doors, oak, stainless steel and brass.

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