Willem van den Hoed – Coming Home – 4 March until 24 June 2018



Sometimes you see something that becomes engraved in your memory. This was the case with the work of Willem van den Hoed, even before I got to know him personally. We already knew his work, we had seen it before and were very impressed.

Until now, our contact with artists has usually come about through chance meetings and occasionally through sending work that we became excited about. Coming across something spontaneously is a nice and open-minded way of coming into contact with artwork. But walking past something, something beautiful, talking about it and subsequently having the artist offer his work, that’s something we’ve never experienced before.

Willem approached us when he returned to the Netherlands. He lived for four years in Seoul, South Korea, where he created most of his work. His sculptured, photographic architectonic still-lives were created in Korea, during a trip that got a little out of control. The origins of Willem’s work lie not in a photographic education, but in architecture and a fascination for buildings and urban patterns. His work is that of an architect who got lost on a journey – not geographically but professionally.

Willem van den Hoed, 4814, 188x256cm, c-print, Diasec, ed. 7 + 2 A.P. (2012), Park Hyatt Tokyo

Please click the following link for more information about the artist and the exhibited art works. As of the 1st of March the catalogue is available through our shop.  

Please click the following link for the issue on Willem van den Hoed in Dutch Design Daily. 

For the most recent selection of art works in the Van Abbevitrine, please click the following link

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