Scarlett Hooft Graafland

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Scarlett Hooft Graafland was trained as a sculptress and creates temporary sculptures in often inhospitable locations. The photographs she takes of these works are not intended as a documentation of the process, but the end result of each project. She travels to places on the planet where panoramic views evoke a tremendous sensation of space and freedom.

The climate is usually extreme and the people live their lives in sync with the rhythm of nature. Together with the locals, she makes minor whimsical modifications to nature that are always reversible and never leave a mark. The modification or performance is almost dictated by the landscape, in which the context of that specific location plays an important role, with reality and fiction intertwined. Every picture ultimately emphasises the fragility of humans in the overwhelming natural world and the enduring connection between the two.



Scarlett Hooft Graafland
White Pyramid
30 x 90 cm

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