Oak chair in scrapwood

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OAK CHAIR IN SCRAPWOOD The scrapwood chair is virtually identical to the oak chair. After making the rigid and uncomfortable prototype, we curved the back by laminating it with two pieces of wood, each 4 or 5 mm thick. The layers of wood were (and still are) pressed into shape using a press. I didn’t think it was possible to make this chair in scrapwood because the back of the seat back was made of planed wood, resulting in little visible texture or colour when you pulled up the chair. I realised much later that it was possible to also make this chair in scrapwood because we laminate it. You simply stick the smooth, planed sides against each other, exposing the scrap wood on both sides. I felt like I had spent years walking around in a daze because, despite repeated attempts to make the oak chair in scrapwood, I was continually held back by a wrong thought. The chair has now become our best-selling chair, which only further emphasises that prolonged blind spot.

art. nr. 2475 / 2475F / 2475H
dimensions38 x 46 x 84 (48)cm
treatmentuntreated / fixated / high-gloss lacquered
rrp458,00 / €505,00 / €576,00




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