Michaël de Kok

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For Michaël de Kok (Hilvarenbeek, 1958), looking at and experiencing a landscape is a reason for painting. He depicts his memory of an experience.

In his figurative work, the ‘landscape image’ is highly abstracted and forms the representation of a memory, composed in a studio using paint. These memories are not necessarily true-to-nature portrayals of reality, but rather landscape experiences that exist independent of topographically located situations.

In more recent work, the memory of the ‘landscape experience’ has become even more abstract and is captured in dynamically painted areas of colour that depict the radiant or absorbing experience of light and colour as you would experience them walking through the landscape. They are expressions of colour that reflect upon memories and are inextricably linked with the personal perceptions of the artist.

De Kok’s work exists midway between reality and alienation – on the one hand unfathomable and extremely personal, on the other hand very concrete and recognisable to everyone.

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