Jet Pronk

Hidden behind the blinds, Jet Pronk (1997) sees het inspiration: the plant. The images that eventually grow are fragmented and always seem to say something about light. Through unusual material experiments, the still lives with plants are intriguing marriages of old fashioned and forgotten worlds.

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Dieffenbáchia, 2019
Jet Pronk
Print and woodcut on paper, framed
74 x 48 cm
€ 600,00

Schéfflera Actinophýlla, 2020
Jet Pronk
Monotype with acrylic on chipboard, framed
49,5 x 28 cm

Dracaéna Magináta, 2020
Jet Pronk
Acrylic on plastic foil, framed
107 x 105 cm
€ 1.365,00

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