Office for a philosopher


This space is one of the first interior commissions in which we designed and realized both the space and the furniture.

A philosophy teacher who taught Piet Hein Eek when he was 17, commisioned Eek in 1998 to furnish and restyle his office. He asked Eek to create an environment that was at the same time personal and professional. The teacher taught ‘Socratic dialogues’ and wanted his clients to be surprised and inspired, but at the same time they would feel at ease. He asked for a classic room and suite. One room to work in another for the conversations and talks with his clients.

Eek initially disliked the idea because he thought the envisioned solution should be part of the architecture. Soon it became clear that the teacher needed a lot of space to store his books and the idea arose to create a deviding wall of bookcases with sliding doors. Specially for this space Eek designed a robust table and chairs out of raw wood. At first glance, the chairs do not look very comfortable, but are suprisingly comfortable when being seated.

Object: office with scrapwood panel ering, inbouwkasten en schuifdeuren. 

Dimensions (h x w x d): n.a.

Material: scrapwood and painted plywood 

Price: p.o.r.

Year: 1998

Literature: BOOK I, pp. 150-153

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