Welded waste steel fridge

  • 01_Waste steel welded fridge_01Frontt_THUMBNAIL
  • 01_Waste steel welded fridge_02Front
  • 01_Waste steel welded fridge_03Front
  • 02_waste steel welded fridge_01perspective
  • 02_Waste steel welded Fridge_02perspective
  • 03_Waste steel welded fridge_01side
  • 04_Waste steel welded fridge_03perspective
  • Waste steel welded fridge_03detail
  • Waste steel welded fridge_04detail
  • Waste steel welded fridge_05detail


art. no. 210365
measurements62 x 50,5 x 45
materialsgelast staal
particularitiescustomized for a client of The Frozen Fountain Japan. zie BOEK 2, pp. 97

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