De Drie Haringen

Location Deventer
Type redevelopment national monument
Function bakery and offices for starters
Phase planning application submitted
Client private


In Deventer we are lucky enough to give form to the ambition of our customer, to do something for the city. The listed building, ‘De Drie Haringen’, will be renovated into a collective business complex for start-ups that will be able to work there for several years for free. 

So the entrepreneurs will be offered a workplace and the guidance of a team of experts. A bakery will be situated on the ground floor, serving as a meeting place for both users of the building and passers-by. 

The six-floor building (including two lofts) will have an atrium that vertically dissects the building, whereby the old function of the building – a herring warehouse, including a pulley with ropes in the apex of the roof and a large loading door on every floor – is visible to all. The atrium ensures that the businesses are visible and that everyone can be in contact with each other. So no anonymous offices, but a lively meeting place where work and is a part of life.  

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