Christina de Korte

Christina de Korte (1997) is a passionate collector, a tendency she developed as the child of a father who was always travelling and bringing home objects, souvenirs and stories of faraway places and cultures. The collections that amassed at her parent’s home have been a starting point for her own practice.

De Korte began by photographing the cabinets, drawers and boxes stuffed full of curiosities and everyday objects, which she made into a book entitled Thuis, the Dutch word for “home”. The artist then translated this fullness to her studio, which resembles something of a stall at a textile market. The many paintings in her installation zoom in on details from scenes all around her, for instance pieces of Vlisco textile or a photograph taken at a crowded market in Zagreb.

The installations of De Korte submerge you into a visual explosion of colors and visual motives as if everything is in motion and restlessly finding its way towards you, vying for your attention.

Text: Yoeri Guépin

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Mughal mountains, 2020
Christina de Korte
Acrylic on canvas
216 x 326 cm
€ 2.355,00

Route, diptych, 2020
Christina de Korte
Spray paint on MDF, framed
60 x 42 cm (each)
€ 1.090,00

Nature, triptych, 2020
Christina de Korte
Watercolour and gouache on paper, framed
47 x 85 cm
€ 545,00

Seeds, tiptych, 2020
Christina de Korte
Watercolour and gouache on paper, framed
39 x 73 cm
€ 436,00

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