We’ll do it ourselves for a month


Over a week ago, I myself filed for bankruptcy for Piet Hein Eek’s hotel and restaurants. It was a decision I slowly grew towards, but which came as a surprise to almost everyone. Since, and partly because of, corona things were getting worse. Debts were piling up and it became increasingly clear that we could not turn the tide with the team. There was no choice but to file for bankruptcy for the hospitality business ourselves.

Now, over a week later, the bankruptcy has been finalised. After studying the case, the trustee has come to the conclusion that there is no benefit for him by entering the usual cooling-off period. The property is mine, so if they find a new manager, I can refuse them. Staying open for a month entails costs and risks and trustees don’t like that. Besides, all the property is owned by another limited company. All in all, the conclusion was that I was better off buying back the assets to explore the possibilities of a restart myself.

During the intense days when we worked towards a deal, the plan to do my own cooking emerged. I thought it was a good idea to pull together with the team and friends just when things are getting so challenging. Everything has progressed faster and more intensely than expected, with many of the staff no longer working for us with immediate effect. The idea of cooking myself is not just for motivation, but has become a necessity!

From Tuesday 7 March, I will be cooking and serving in the restaurant with colleagues and friends.

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