Salone del Mobile 2022: once again, our best show to date!


Old wine in new bottles

It actually fits in perfectly with what I say so often; it’s such a shame to always focus on making new things, which is what makes the old, old. And yet it is not a conscious decision for us to be presenting old wine in new bottles this year. We simply didn’t know what we were going to present, even though we’ve made so much during the past year. Primarily for the hotel, but these designs somehow seem less suited to presenting at Salone del Mobile. We will be showing 4 x 4 old steel window cabinets. What makes them new is that they’re white. We already knew that these cabinets seem simple at first glance, but take a closer look and it becomes clear that they are very laborious. So, we certainly didn’t choose the easy option. 

Another old design is the old-lampshade-bulb-lamp. Instead of curved steel rings, they are now constructed using lasered brass rings and we got our hands on some old-school lampshades. The only thing we’re taking from the hotel collection is the alphabet. Ten years ago, we made it from chocolate, but it didn’t sell well. Now the alphabet has found its rightful place: we’ve made it from brass and used it as lettering in the hotel. And it’s for sale! 

EeA new design, that builds on what we’ve made before, is a chandelier made from brass rods and ceramic lamps. We are also taking a beautiful 40×40 table with us, which we made again this year and which we hope will fit through the stairwell. A while ago, I came up with a watch with date for LEFF, a kind of classic we should really have started with, but wouldn’t life be boring if it started with the final result! 

New items are the wine racks, the 100% aluminium side table and a low aluminium armchair and sofa for outdoors. Also new for outside is the luxurious aluminium ping-pong table (new for Salone del Mobile, but we had it already). And, just like every year, this will be our best show to date!

Visit us during Salone del Mobile, June 7 – 12, at 2022 bij Rossana Orlandi | Address : Via Matteo Bandello, 14, 20123 Milaan

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