October 23rd 2010 – Sprookjes NV by Leo Coolen


We had made good agreements with Leo. We planned to furnish the space in a rather serene, almost museum-like, manner so that his craving for massive insanity in enormous display cases would have plenty of space. But it turned out to be a miserable failure. The lorries and busses kept coming and going and the space was filled with the most unusual objects and things.

It’s no small feat to restrain yourself if you, like Leo, have more than ten thousand metres of business space to fill with stuff. But, I have to admit, the space has turned out to be fantastic. You can really wander around here in amazement.  Amidst the chaos, the most unique objects can be found, from Spanish hotel chairs and lamps still in decades-old boxes to plastic plants in the window and pallets of junk. Quite the colourful collection. And because everything is unique, the space will continue to evolve.


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