How it is made – Old oak tile dresser



The client came to us (2015) because she had run into huge problems with a contractor and the renovations had ground to a halt. Her husband therefore made the decision that they should work with us because she loves what we do. Their motto was, we’ll just have to pay a little more. Piet Hein Eek was asked to design all kinds of things, starting with the children’s rooms and the entire upper floor. The ground floor was to follow later. The greatest challenge was the corridor with wall cabinets that their old carpenter had left behind without doors (these turned out to be warped). Placing doors over the full length would give a boring result, so Eek devised a surface made of scrap wood tiles, which created an animated image. The tiles had more or less the same size as the stained-glass window at the end of the corridor. The idea for the scrap wood tiles formed the inspiration for the scrap wood tile cabinet.

After this several versions of the tile cabinet have been designed and made, among which is this old oak tile dresser (see BOOK 3, pp. 293-295 and pp. 340-341).

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