Holidays in Mavaleix



Nature, art, water, forest, quiet and relaxation

Photograph: Thomas Mayer

I was recently on holiday in Mavaleix and walked around and through the houses. I admired what I saw. Knowing (approximately) what it has cost, I was hit by the feeling that it is actually impossible to make such a thing. And yet we did it. This idea of ‘impossible but it happened anyway’ hit me while I was looking at the walls and thinking about the men who, sometimes under harsh conditions, fitted together endless stones one at a time with so much care. What we made there is a life’s work that was achieved in ten years. The best thing is that it is not the best thing and that the houses fit in seamlessly with the surroundings, nature and at the same time are equipped with every home comfort.

On holiday in our houses in Mavaleix (Dordogne)?

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