Exhibition at VOS


30 years ago I sent an envelope with a letter and photos of scrapwood cabinets and sheet metal cabinets to Henk Vos asking if he wanted to buy my furniture. He sent me back a very boorish letter to which I decided to reply and wrote that I was fine with being rejected, but it had to be in a decent way. Henk immediately bought my items and since then it has been impossible to imagine VOS in Groningen without my designs. Actually, my relationship with the Vos family began with my graduation, where I first came into real and proper contact with Roderick on the day it happened. We had completely different work, (we still do) but recognized each other’s quality and supported each other. 30 exciting years later, Bart is the sole owner of VOS. We don’t write letters anymore, but send texts, emails and we visit each other. Our stuff is selling better than ever in Groningen. Bart is enthusiastic, like he’s just starting out and has thought we should organize the biggest Eek show ever. We produced away as if our lives depended on it and Bart directed the whole operation with his team as if it were nothing. Saturday, December 9, is the official opening of our finest and most complete presentation to date. I am not proud of what I make, that is the outcome of a process and also goes easier and easier over time, but I am proud of the friendship without which this exhibition would not have existed!

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